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Prayer List

We all find ourselves in need of prayer! if you have a need for prayer or wish to have someone prayed for, please call me and I will pray with you and add your prayer request to our prayer list. Don't worry the number below is directly to Pastor Brown not a prayer request line, we do not seek donations to pray with you, We offer prayer freely. (360-736-5055

Prayer List
 heavenly Father, we stand before you today knowing that we are not worthy but for the Blood of your Son Jesus Christ we ask that your will be done. We have many on our special prayer list we do not need to say what each of them are in need of, for you are the Doctor who has never lost a patient the lawyer that has never lost a case. We ask and pray that your will be done in each and everyone on our special prayer list. We ask that you touch each of them that they may be strengthened by you and that your glory will be seen by all that you touch. In the name Jesus we pray Amen.

Stormy Brown
Marjorie Eng.
Elnora Charaba
Debbie Brown
The Winterton Family



(253) 360-736-5055