Puyallup Family Community Christian Center

A Non-Profit Church dedicated to helping those in need
Washington State Charities Registration  30182
Baptist Faith

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: [Are you a 501c3]
A: [At this time we are not due to the cost to file but donations may still be tax deductable check with your accountant]

Q: Do all donations go to your outreach]
A: [100 % of donations goes directly to supporting our outreach progams. We do not have any paid possitions ]

Q: [Is your church a Bible Believing Chruch]
A: [Yes we preach the Word of God and use the KJV Bible. We believe that the only way to savalvtion is through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior John 14:6]

Q: [Are you listed with the State of Wahington.
A [Yes we are list with the State and the Corporations as a non-profit church.}