Puyallup Family Community Christian Center

A Non-Profit Church dedicated to helping those in need
Washington State Charities Registration  30182
Baptist Faith

About Us.

Puyallup Family Community Christian Center was found by faith on February 16 2011 with the purpose of Spreading Gods Word through our community outreach program. Our outreach program has helped thousands of people in our community since we started operations. Our Non-Profit is unique in the world of non-profits because every dollar donated goes directly to our outreach program, no administrative fees are ever collected and all staff positions are on a voluntary basis. Our website and daily operational expenses comes directly from our founder Pastor Brown, which means that 100 % of all donations goes directly to helping the poor and homeless. We do ask for donations each year to help us pay for our World Vision Storehouse membership fee. This fee is 300.00 dollars and provides the foundation with new donated clothing, hygiene, food and much more. Our continuing mission is to help low income families and the homes with the basic necessities. We depend on generous donner to make our work in the community possible.